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December 2023

Updated: Jan 21

Recently we had to have part of the Village Hall roof re-felted as it was leaking at a cost of £4,500 which we had to find from our funds.

We try to gain grants wherever we can, but this is not always possible for building repairs. However, Trottie and her sub-committee have been very successful in gaining grants to replace part of the play area recently.

At the start of the financial year, we produce a budget for the forthcoming year to ensure we have enough funds to cover all the costs, and a reserve for any unforeseen costs which might occur.

Some of the events we run, such as film nights, do not look to make a profit. We absorb these losses as these events are a great way to bring people together and build our community.

Over the last two years we have together celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and King Charles II’s Coronation, both of which brought the whole village together, which as a committee we are always trying to achieve.

The regular events we run include quiz nights, performances by the Pantaloons theatre company, cheese and wine evenings, shows by the Altissima choir, film nights, burns night and a summer fun day. We are also looking to have a murder mystery night in the future.

We all look forward to seeing you soon at some of our events. Check this website for future announcements.

Simon Lake


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